Captain Kelerin Artros

Telaria's master, believed lost with the destruction of her world.


Artros was Telaria’s master, the Captain of her order of Temple Knights, and the man she loved. When their temple came under attack by the forces of the Annihilator, he stood alone to protect them while Telaria fled with the Princess through the Crystal Gate that led between worlds. As the Annihilator-spawn were currently enacting the Rite of the End, Telaria believes her master to have perished along with her world.

Kelerin has become part (literally; he’s fused with them) of the new Annihilator faction that has fused with earth world technology. These Annihilators were formed when they devoured the Heartstone of Telaria’s people and have changed much because of it.

Captain Kelerin Artros

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