Other Dimension Crossing Rules

Treat Worlds (dimensions) as a zone map. The barrier between zones represents metaphorical distance or potential complications such as an entity putting a Block up or some sort of astral storm. This typically represents a difficulty for the action between 1 (for dimensions really close to each other) to 10 (or potentially even more under particularly onerous circumstances).

These difficulties assume access to a Gate. Difficulties under 5 typically represent Gates that go between sub-Realms, such as a particular World’s Astral Plane, if it has such a thing. Higher Difficulties usually mean that one is actually going to another World entirely. Gate Difficulties may also include unusual requirements for using a particular Gate.

Brute forcing an opening between worlds without a Gate is much more difficult than using a Gate. Triple the difficulties for the above if no Gate is available. Only double them if you have some sort of living link to that World (like, for example, if it’s your native World, or if you have someone from that World who can participate in the spell). Objects from the World can be invoked as if they were Aspects to add bonuses to the roll.

There are certain powerful Gates which would have a Difficulty of 0, but these are rare and powerful and coveted by many. Most have already been claimed by some entity or another (whether a powerful magic user, an organization such as the MIBs, or even a god).

Other Dimension Crossing Rules

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